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There is no such thing as reading too much; however, there are many examples of surplus books. Before your book collection gets out of control, consider the following:

REDUCE the number of books you collect.
Residents and visitors of Benzie County have access to public libraries stocked with books on all subjects. These libraries purchase new books regularly. If the library does not have a book, each of the libraries is more than willing to Interlibrary Loan special items that you may want to borrow.

REUSE books
Share with your family and friends. Are you a resident of Frankfort? Each May, residents put items by the curb hoping many of these items will find new homes and not end up in the landfill. Or, check out Abe Books ,, or eBay to see if your books have any special value. Perhaps you would like to sell them. Finally, donate books that are in good condition to the libraries for their annual book sales.

RECYCLE your books
Recycle books that you no longer want but are inappropriate for library donations (see below). Benzie County residents are fortunate to have recyling centers throughout the county. You do not need to remove the cover to recycle a book. It is difficult for a book lover to consider putting a book in a recycling bin, but rest assured it is okay. The Library of Congress does a good job preserving our history and national treasures. While they don't have a copy of everything ever published, they are very close. Visit for more information.
If you think the book has value, despite it's poor condition, try selling it using one of the vendors listed above.

Unfortunately, some donated materials need to be discarded because they cannot be placed in circulation and they also have no market for resale - a situation that adds waste disposal costs to the library. For this reason, we ask the public to please be selective about books donated to the library.

What the library won't accept:

Smelly Books
Anything that has a musty odor or mildew stains is not welcome. "Smelly" books might be collectible to some, but are not right for our shelves or our book sale. If you think a book in poor condition has value, try selling with the vendors listed above. Our staff and volunteers do not have the time or credentials it takes to preserve and market old books for resale.

Books in Poor Condition
Books with torn covers, writing on pages, loose pages, etc.

Magazines (even National Geographic) and Reader's Digest Condensed books
Beleive it or not, There is an abundance of these items. Recycling or offering them for free at curbside is an option.

It is understood that you paid a bundle for those text books still stored in your attic. They may be in great condition and not even very old. Unfortunately, they have no value in the library collections or in our used book sale. Check online to see if the book still has value. If it isn't worth the time and effort to sell, they may be recycled.

Where do donations go?

The majority of books donated to the library are sold at our annual book sale. Some are added to the library's permanent collection. Book sale leftovers are taken by a used book seller, so that we start fresh with new donations at each sale. Donations in poor condition may be recycled.

Book donations are accepted from Labor Day up to two weeks prior to the book sale. The sale is always the third Saturday in August.

Happy reading!
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