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Frequently Asked Questions regarding book donations


Q: I have several old books I would like to donate. Can the Library use them?
A: The Library does not accept donations of used books. We do not have space to handle donations of used books. Books left outside the Library or put in the Library drop box will be recycled. This is not a good use of staff time or resources. Books that are in good condition can be taken to Blue Vase Book Exchange in Interlochen.

Q: I would like to donate a new book to add to the collection. Can I do that?
A: We are happy to take requests from patrons for specific authors, titles or subjects! It's your library- tell us what you want! Before you do, please note that any item donated to the library will be evaluated for inclusion using the same criteria outlined the Library's Collection Development Policy.

Q: I would like to donate my self-published book. Can I do that?
A: Congratulations! The growth of the self-publishing industry has opened up broader access to aspiring writer's work. Self-published works are found throughout the Library. To be considered for the collection, a self-published title must fall under the same criteria outlined in the Library's Collections Development Policy.

Our primary goal is to add materials that will appeal to a broad audience or have local significance. A positive review in a major review journal (such as Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, or Library Journal) is the best way to bring a title to our attention. We do not consider paid reviews or Amazon reviews. Availability to purchase the book from a library vendor (such as Baker & Taylor or Ingram) will significantly increase the likelihood that we will add it to the collection.

If you wish to bring a book to our attention, you can send information via email to Please include:

        Information about the book – title, author, ISBN, publisher, publish date, distributor.
        Links to any professional reviews or news coverage.
        A brief description of the book and its intended audience.

You can also send this information by mail to:

Benzie Shores District Library
P.O. Box 631
Frankfort, MI  49635